Rick Pitino
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Panathinaikos head coach Rick Pitino referred to Olympiacos’ decision to forfeit the Greek League playoffs.

Here is what the Hall of Famer coach told the Greek national television:

“Here’s my feeling, I have said this all along. Olympiacos made a big mistake in what they did. After the season, if they had a problem they should fight to solve that problem.

But… and here’s the but…This is Rick Pitino speaking, this is not Dimitris Giannakopoulos. Greek basketball needs Olympiacos. Greek basketball needs them. If I was them… you know when I feel best in life? When I stand up and say I am wrong.

That’s when I feel the best. Stand up Olympiacos, say we were wrong and come back because all the other teams in the Greek league need them. We need them, they need us. We should all be together off the court.

On the court, we want to beat each other, but the Greek league needs Olympiacos. They should stand up and say: “We made a mistake, we should have solved those problems after the season”.

In the courts, wherever you want to do it. I have great respect for them and we need them in the Greek league. And I am not a Greek. I am just speaking about what’s best for the game of basketball.”