ImageDuring its Executive Committee, the French Basket League (LNB),  has decided on the following regarding the decision process in case of a game delay due to the Swine Flu H1N1 :

First, the designation of a “Pandemic Flu Decision Cell” that has been granted with decisional power concerning the organisation of the championships (delay of games, players qualification…). This cell is composed of the following members:

M. René LE GOFF, President of the LNB
M. Philippe RESTOUT, President of the Medical Commission of the LNB
M. Cyrille MULLER, President of the Qualification and Participation Commission
M. Pierre DAO, President of the Competition Organisation Commission

During its meeting of October 26th, the Executive Committee has restated its decision that any game delay should be decided at least 30 hours before the date and hour planned for this game. The LNB has prepared itself in order to take any decision regarding game delay on H-30.

The LNB teams are compelled to alert the League of any situation potentially entering this H1N1 process. If a situation needing an urgent treatment is declared, the Medical Commission leads the decision process in order to assess the precise situation the team is facing and it decides to convene the “Pandemic Flu Decision Cell”.

The convocation of the “cell” will take place only if, among the professional roster of a specific team, at least one H1N1 flu case is declared (positive testing of the H1N1 virus) and two other cases presenting symptoms of the virus have been assessed by the Medical Commission, in coordination with the medical staff of this team.