French League sends open letter to Sarkozy

ImageSeveral Leagues and Clubs Associations in France including the LNB, the top flight basketball league of  the country, have written the following open letter to France´s President Nicolas Sarkozy under the title "THE STATE MUST RESPECT ITS WORD". Read the entire letter.

Mr. President of the Republic:

A major crisis is imminent for French professional and amateur sport. We call on your role as guardian of the continuity of the State and its commitments, and to your links with high level sport.

The Right to Collective Image ( RCI ) is the only measure to benefit professional clubs. It´s not an advantage for pro players. It´s a social exoneration for clubs, which allows them to be more competitive at an European level.

This support is key for each of our sports.

The RCI, established in 2004 and based on the model of artists, has been confirmed by the legislator in 2008, with the support of the Government, in order to be in force until June 30, 2012.

On this platform, the clubs have integrated the corresponding charges in their budgets and in the multi-annual contracts which cannot be modified.

Nevertheless, your Goverment intends to cancel the RCI starting in 2010 as a result of a debate in which the professional sport has been incomprehensibly attacked.

Professional clubs of basketball, football, handball and rugby are now faced to a radical change by the State, now changing rules in the middle of the match, and therefore risking to put them in the worst sport and economic conditions.

Never any other French sector would be treated in such way.

Furthermore, doubting on the RCI would be in contradiction with your ambitions for high level French sport.

Professional Leagues and Union of Clubs solemnly ask you, Mr. President of the Republic, to make respect the signature of the State.

The letter is signed by René Le Goff, President of the French Basketball League (LNB), Frédéric Thiriez from the Pro Football League, Alain Smadja from the Handball League, Pierre-Yves Revol from Rugby League, Jean-Paul Aloro from the Volley League, Jean-Pierre Gosbault on behalf of the Union of Pro Basketball Clubs, Jean-Pierre Louvel from the Union of Pro Football Clubs, Nicolas Bernarfd of the Union of Pro Handball Clubs, and by Marcel Martin on behalf of the Union of Pro Rugby Clubs.

This letter comes after the French Parliament voted against RCI a few weeks ago .

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