Photo: Twitter/Real Madrid

Real Madrid head coach Pablo Laso referred to Mike James’ excellent performance (career-high 35 points) and whether it affected his game plan.

“No no. I consider Mike James a great player and I know what he is capable of doing. We have already suffered by him in several situations when he was with Baskonia and Panathinaikos and I do not think he is a player that you are going to leave in 0 points.

I do not care what Mike James does, I care that Madrid wins. I heard the “ooooh” from the crowd, that’s fine for me. But in the end, the winner is Real Madrid.

What is important to me is that Real Madrid gets the win, not that any of my players make 35 points or put the crowd on their feet and make “oooh”. To me, that is fine if my team wins,” coach Laso said in the post-game press conference of the “Whites” victory over Armani Milano (92-89).

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