Sergio Llull: “I am at my very best and ready to enjoy playing basketball”

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Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

In an interview with the official website of the EuroLeague, Sergio Llull talked about returning to his previous high standards, Real Madrid’s support and more.

Here is what the Spanish guard told

On proving he is at his very best after the serious knee injury he suffered two years ago:

“Yes, the match against Fenerbahce is probably my best game this season. I said after the game that it was my best day, in terms of physical skills, since I got injured two years ago, the day in which I felt best. In the end, when you have an injury as severe as an ACL fracture, it takes nine months to be back on the court, but even more time until you feel 100%.

Personally, it was a difficult year. I had many physical troubles: back, knee and a muscle strain before the Copa del Rey. These injuries have been happening because of my previous knee injury, but they seem to be in the past. And now, I am 100% and ready to enjoy playing basketball.”

On the support and help of his team, Real Madrid: “Well, they really helped me and made things easier for me. From our doctor to our physiotherapists and everyone working in the club, they all have been by my side.

I never felt any pressure from the club, and they had the patience required to let me work on getting back to my best. I am, of course, very thankful for that.”