Paul George: “I talked to Nike to see what went wrong”

Photo: GiveMeSport

The Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George spoke to the media about his PG 2.5 signature sneakers and the Duke forward Zion Williamson, who was wearing them, when he injured his left knee on Wednesday night, and said, per ESPN:

“First, I want to wish him all the best…But outside of that I don’t necessarily know what happened, how it happened. I talked to Nike to see what went wrong, what happened with the shoe and I take pride in that. My shoes have been a successful shoe not only in college but in the NBA. A lot of people have been in them, a lot of people have been wearing them. So I don’t necessarily know, but it’s never happened to my knowledge before. So that’s tough. It hasn’t happened to me as long as I’ve been in this shoe, we’ve made three generations going on four now of my shoe being successful, so I didn’t necessarily feel any way about that part, the negative part of it.”