ImageIn an assembly which took place yesterday in Athens, Greek A1 clubs have decided to adopt the new '3+3' rule, meaning that each Greek club can now sign up to 3 non-European players (mainly Americans) and a total of 6 non-Greek players (hence 3+3). So far each Greek club could sign a maximum of 2 non-European players and again a maximum of totally 6 non-Greek players (2+4).

Of course the new rule leaves room for each club to allocate their European and non-European spots in their squad a they wish. For example Team A could sign 6 Europeans and 0 non-Europeans, Team B could still sign 2 non-European and 4 Europeans as before and Team C can take advantage of the new rule and sign 3 non-Europeans and 3 Europeans.

The new rule was voted by all Greek A1 teams in a reaction to the global economical crisis, since signing more American players will allow the teams to spend less for more quality.

The new rule must be now be approved by the Greek Basketball Federation to be implemented, while PSAK, the Union of Greek Professional Basketball Players have openly disagreed with the decision, going as far as suggesting to limit the non-Greek players down to five for each team, 2 non-Europeans and 3 Europeans.

In some other decisions Greek A1 clubs have decided to:

1. Publically invited all interested TV stations to bid for their broadcasting rights of next season.
2. Set 20.000 euros as the minimum yearly wage for a player.
3. Increase the entry fee for playing in Greek A1 at 250.000 euros per team.