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In the second part of his interview with, Pierre Oriola confesses his affinity for the theatre, the cinema and reveals his favourite director. Read on!

Q: I know that, apart from basketball, you’re passionate about the performing arts as well.

A: Yes, I really like the cinema and the theater. The truth is that when I have time I go to watch a play or a film. It’s a hobby that I’ve always had. Every year, I go at a very famous festival that takes place in my home town of Tarrega. It’s called “Fira del Teatre”.

Q: What genres of movies do you like?

A: I’m not so much into genres. Quentin Tarantino, for example, is a director that I like very much. I could watch all his movies. “Kill Bill” is the one I like the most and since I’m here, I know that Olympiacos has its own “Kill-Bill Spanoulis”. There are many movies that I like, with “Django” being one of them. Tarantino is a director whom you’d call a little bit strange, but all his films have triumphed and have been successful.

Q: Do you like acting?

A: Yes, in the future if I can, when my career ends (which I hope it will be as late as possible), why not? I would rather do some acting in the cinema than in the theater. Who knows?

Q: Have you tried?

A: No, but when I was little and new to the world of basketball, I used to go to a theater academy. In the end, I had to drop classes to continue with basketball. I chose basketball over acting and so far it hasn’t been a bad choice for me.

Q: Have you received any proposals for parts?

A: No, for the time being. We’ll see what happens in the future.