The captain of Barcelona was the first player who commented on the recent incident that involved Thomas Heurtel and the club. In a recent interview offered to the ‘La Resistencia del Palau’ podcast, Oriola referred to what happened between his teammate and the club stating that the club’s decision is above players, managers, captains or coaches.

“It tastes bad but it is a club decision, which is above players, managers, captains, coaches, from everyone. It is the club that decides. There we have to pay attention to the club, we have to respect the decision and that’s the way it is,” he said.

The incident caused the reaction of many Euroleague stars, but Pierre Oriola was the very first Barcelona player who referred to his club’s decision regarding Thomas Heurtel, with coach Jasikevicius and most of the players remaining silent. Oriola acknowledged that the incident with Heurtel has certainly affected him since they had a close relationship.

“It is a complicated issue, which has affected us a lot, me more than others because in addition to Thomas coming to the club the same year as me, he was my roommate and we have a very close relationship.”

The player is not considered a member of the team since December 22, when he was left in Istanbul after the game against Anadolu Efes.

The reason why that happened is because it was found that the player was secretly in talks with Real Madrid, while Heurtel asked to travel to Istanbul to close a deal with Fenerbahce. Barcelona is still trying to find a way to close the Thomas Heurtel case, but they have already made clear that they accept the player’s departure only to a non-Spanish club.