Georgios MaslarinosThe Greek guard will probably sign a contract with CSKA Sofia for the upcoming season.

Giorgos Maslarinos is at Sofia in order to discuss the possibility to play for CSKA Sofia during the next season. As it was announced via the official site of the team, the Greek guard had a meeting with the president of the Bulgarian team, mr Stergianopoulos, and the head coach of the team, Bane Prelevic.

It must be noticed that Maslarinos did not play for ICBS in the A2 Greek league during this season, because the administration of the team ask him to leave the club without compensation, or to play for the team after decreasing his financial contract at the half.

Last but not least, mr Stergianopoulos stated via a sports’ radio station of Thessaloniki, that he is willing to help P.A.O.K., by giving on loan till the end of the season three players that currently belong to CSKA Sofia. The crisis in the team of P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki deteriorates day by day, and the future of the team seems really bleak.