Goran Suton“Goraaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Suuuuuuuuuuuuutooon!” That’s what you heard on TV from a screaming commentator when you watched the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament in the last week.

The Bosnian-American who experienced a difficult childhood in Sarajevo is the last European man standing in the NCAA Tournament.

And he is a cornerstone in the Spartans’ recent-success story, scoring 19 points and grabbing 10 rebounds against the Cardinals last Sunday.
Suton is your typical Ex-Yugo player who has a great shooting-range and knows how to bang with bigger bodies on defense.
His bulky frame helps him under the boards while his soft shooting touch gives him the edge over similar-sized players, especially on the perimeter where he feels home.

Against Louisville, the Michigan State-senior used his height-advantage on the high-post to drain in most of his mid-distance shots. When the high-post was filled, he went outside to hit the three or used his passing-skills to create for his teammates. Kansas can tell how difficult it was to stop Goran’s all-around game (He recorded five steals against the Jayhawks) as Suton netted 20 points and pulled nine boards in the Sweet Sixteen as well. We might not see Suton in a NBA-jersey soon, but a career in Europe should be possible as he is not going to have problems to adjust to the European game at all, and maybe Mensur Bajramovic is not only going after Ratko Varda, Zlatko Jovanovic and Hasan Rizvic but also for Suton who would be a nice addition for the national team as well.

Only time will tell if we see Suton either in the Euroleague or maybe in the NBA in some time, but for now, his focus should be to win the NCAA crown to leave college hoops with a big bang !

I’m out like Duke, Oklahoma, Syracuse and Pitt.