CSKA Moscow center, Kyle Hines, is the latest EuroLeague star to sit down with Joe Arlauckas, and with three EuroLeague titles to his name – and counting! – the American knows better than most what it takes to become the best in Europe.

The CSKA captain talks about disregarding those who questioned his aptitude for the game and staying focused on himself, the moments in his career that will stay with him forever, and how a gift from his Grandmother shaped his destiny, enabling him to capitalise on his opportunities in Europe and leaving a trail of broken records in his wake.

Hines tells us how his wife is his biggest fan and greatest basketball critic, how much it means to him to give back to the game and help future players, as well as offering a unique insight into both the glory and the bitterness of defeat when it comes to EuroLeague’s Final Four!

The CSKA star also reveals the exciting new project he has been working on with EuroLeague Basketball, bringing you – the fans! –unprecedented access to some of your favourite players and their lives on the road. Stay tuned…