LeBron James Dwyane Wade
Photo: Twitter/LA Lakers

Dwyane Wade referred to his decision to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers, although he knew LeBron James would join the LA Lakers as a free agent.

Here is what the three-time NBA Champion told the “Athletic”:

On LeBron leaving Cleveland to sign with the Lakers: “LeBron, first of all, he’s a guy who always plays his cards close to the vest, but I knew his ultimate goal was to be in Los Angeles.

He recruited me and he talked to me about signing there (Cleveland), and I said, ‘listen, I know you might not be there long, you’re gonna be a free agent and there are some things that might happen, and we’ll have a conversation.’ I just thought I’d make it through the season first.”

On his decision to join the Cavs: “That’s why I signed there in the first place. If I had known that was gonna happen (the trade), I wouldn’t have signed there. It’s gonna be an item on my resume that’s hard to understand, but it happened.

I know I filled my role while I was there, as a veteran and a leader. At least I can say I made some really cool relationships with the people who were there.”