Fabien Causeur: “If you want to win Olympiacos, you have to play defence”

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Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Real Madrid guard Fabien Causeur discussed with TalkBasket.net about the defeat to Olympiacos and the match against Barcelona (25/11).

Here is what the French player said:

On the loss to the “Reds”: “We didn’t play well especially in defence. In the second half, we improved, but if you want to win here, you have to play defence.

We have to focus on our mistakes, not just the ones in the end, but the ones we also made in the first half.”

On whether this defeat can affect the team mentally: “No, we know we would lose during the season. We have to learn from this and get back on track.

We have a big game on Sunday. Against big teams, you have to be prepared for a 40-minute fight.”

On the match against Barcelona on Sunday (25/11): “We will talk about this tomorrow. Right now, we are still thinking about the loss to Barcelona. We will focus on Barcelona from tomorrow.”