Any doubts that Allen Iverson had second thought about his move to Besiktas, after missing his flight on Friday, are gone as the former NBA super-star arrived to Istanbul this morning and was welcomed by hordes of passionate Besiktas fans.

Iverson was obviously a bit confused and disoriented as he did not expect such a warm welcome and his bodyguards literally took him out of the airport holding him by hands.

The 35 year old American guard who signed a two years contract with Besiktas stated about the warm welcome he received: “Obviously they (fans) were great. That’s the most important thing, to be accepted and wanted and appreciated and it was just a good feeling seeing them come out and support me the way they did and it just excited me more and more to get down to winning basketball games.” and continued “Hopefully the fans will come out and support our team and watch me play.”

Iverson will go through a medical tomorrow before finalising the deal with Besiktas and if all goes well he will presented tomorrow at 8PM to Turkish press and fans officially in Besiktas basketball arena where there will be free admission for Besiktas fans.