Txus Vidorreta on coaching Valencia: “It was a very hard year”

FIBA Basketball Champions League
Photo: FIBA Basketball Champions League

Head coach Txus Vidorreta returned to Tenerife, with which he won the inaugural Basketball Champions League in 2017, and referred to his presence in Valencia last season.

Here is what the 52-year-old coach told Radio Marca Tenerife:

On what went wrong with Valencia last season: “I didn’t expect to find so little quality in Valencia regarding such important aspects of modern basketball as are recovery, diagnosis of injuries and nutrition.”

On whether he fulfilled his role as the team’s head coach: “I became a master at all levels in Valencia Basket. It was a very hard year, but the work I did there makes me feel better every time. It was a good year considering the physical precariousness we faced. I took the challenge and I think I delivered.”