Photo: Sportando

Boston Celtics forward, Gordon Hayward, has fully recovered from his injury and is set to play in the season opener.

Hayward suffered a season-ending ankle injury in the opening game of the 2017/18 season ans hasn’t played since then. However, he is now back to playing full-court, full-contact 5-on-5 basketball.

“I’m just excited to be out there,” Hayward told reporters earlier today. “It’s so much fun to be able to play again and play with my teammates.”

The versatile forward said he is 100% ready and is looking forward to playing in the season opener against the Philadelphia 76ers (October 16).

Hayward added that pre-season matches will help him find some rhythm ahead of the upcoming season.

“The past two weeks and the next probably month or so will be good to get back into the game and feel the rhythm, the timing and things like that,” he mentioned.