Kyle Kuric: “I’ve always wanted to play here”

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Photo: 7DAYS EuroCup

Kyle Kuric joined Barcelona during the off-season and spoke with the club’s official TV channel about the serious health problem he faced in 2015 as well as his decision to sign with the Catalans.

Here is what the American guard, who also holds a Slovakian passport, said:

On being diagnosed with brain tumor in 2015: “I was very lucky, because, when I arrived in Barcelona, one of the best doctors in Spain took care of me. He told me that I shouldn’t play for at least a year or more, while it was possible that I could not play anymore. 

I told myself it was impossible, too much time. Five months later, I played my first match, much sooner than what they told me. “

On how he dealt with this health problem: “When I went through this, I read many books of people who had suffered it. I went through this very young, so I feel grateful and I do not take anything for granted.

I know that everything is very fragile and if there is anything I want, I do not consider postponing it for five or ten years.” 

On signing with the Catalans:I’ve always wanted to play here. When they offered me the chance to play for one or two years, it was what I wanted.”