Photo: Marca

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi took to Facebook and praised Manu Ginobili for everything the 41-year-old guard accomplished in his great career.

“Thanks for making us enjoy basketball so much, Manu! Things won’t be the same without you on the court. Wishing you all the very best in your new chapter!” Messi wrote on his official page.

The two-time NBA All-Star decided to retire on Monday, after spending the last 16 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs and winning four NBA titles, the EuroLeague and the gold medal with Argentina in the 2004 Olympic Games.

Gracias Manu Ginobili, por hacernos disfrutar tanto el básquet. No va a ser lo mismo sin vos en la cancha. ¡Toda la…

Posted by Leo Messi on 2018 m. Rugpjūtis 28 d., Antradienis