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Olimpia Milano guard, Nemanja Nedovic, talked to the club’s official website and referred to his decision to join the team as well as the squad’s goals ahead of the new season.

Olimpia Milano was there, with a great offer for me,” Nedovic told the OlimpiaMilano.com. 

“For my future, for my family, my girlfriend works as a model so she will have a lot of work here. I was really impressed with the plan the organisation has for this year, the players they signed. It wasn’t a difficult decision,” the Serbian guard added.

Nedovic mentioned that the team’s targets are to win the Italian League title and reach the EuroLeague Final Four.

“My expectations are very high with this team, we can aim at the highest possible goals. Everybody expects us to win the Serie A again, we’d like to win the Italian Cup and the EuroLeague is the biggest wish for us.

It’d be great to qualify for the Top 8, set this as our first goal and then of course if we have a chance the go to the Final Four, it’ll be great. I think the quality is there, the players are there, it’s only a matter of chemistry,” the 27-year-old player stated.