Milos Teodosic: “In Europe, every game is crucial”

Milos Teodosic
Photo: Sportime

Milos Teodosic had an interview with Basketball Sphere and talked about many things, including the NBA, the EuroLeague, travelling, his former team, CSKA Moscow, and Luka Doncic.

Here is what the Serbian point guard said:

On staying with the Los Angeles Clippers: “I had until June 24 to decide whether I will stay. In Europe, there were not many teams that could financially respond. I think my decision to stay in LA was correct. I have another year in my contract with the Clippers, so we’ll see what the future holds.”

On the differences between the EuroLeague and the NBA: “There are advantages in both competitions. In Europe, however, there is more pressure, every game is crucial, while in the United States and the NBA it is different. The defeat is accepted differently. I’m getting used to it. It was weird in the beginning. The season is over in 82 games, but we had problems with injuries.”

On back-to-back games and travelling a long distance to play against other teams: “When you go to the East coast, you have a couple of games, and then a ten-day journey does not fall hard on you. It’s easier than when you fly from Moscow to Barcelona, and then you have to go to Krasnodar right away.”

On his previous team, CSKA Moscow: “It’s far from any NBA team. Much more concern about the players, the families of the players and everything related to us. It’s up to you to go out and play. In general, CSKA has fantastic conditions but…”

On Luka Doncic: “Since Drazen (Petrovic) there hasn’t been such a young, but great talent. Luka led Real Madrid to the European champion trophy and carried the whole team throughout the season. He plays that style of transition basketball, faster.

He will need an adaptation period, but he’s got Dirk Nowitzki beside him, and he plays in a team that somewhat cherishes the European style. I’m convinced that has an amazing NBA career is in front of him. He moved to the NBA at the right moment, as he is 19 and can work on his body.”