Interview with Obie Trotter

Kristian Santiago had the chance to talk to U.S. guard Obie Trotter, who was awarded Guard of the Year in Finland by and was voted to the All-Imports and to the All-Finish League 1st Team as well.

Kris Santiago: Obie, you have been playing in Europe for quite a while. Where did you play so far and which stay did you enjoy the most?

Obie Trotter:  Yeah, I have been playing in Europe for 4 years now. I was playing in Giessen, Germany for two years, then in Brest, France for a few months, and just recently for Topo (Helsinki) in Finland.

I really like Germany, and Finland, as those two countries were pretty Americanized so I didn’t really have to adjust too much, only a bit to the weather in Finland.{jathumbnail off}

Obie Trotter in action for ToPo. Photo courtesy basket.fiKS: You are coming fresh from Finland, where you had a great season, although you guys came in second after loosing in the decisive game of the finals. How would you describe the last year from your point of view?

OT: Losing in the finals in the last game was tough to swallow, but I can’t be entirely mad because I had a good season as you said. We had a lot of injuries throughout the season, and we still managed to compete at a high level. Finland helped me out because it is not like other countries where u had four to six Americans; you only have three there, so they depend on you to do more for your team. By me having a bigger role, I feel it gave me more confidence in my game.

KS: People in Germany remembering you from your stint with Giessen in the BBL. Can we expect to see you in the BBL again anytime soon?

OT: Well it’s really not up to me. Whatever the best situation is, that my agency (Court Side) is putting me in, I will take. I would love to come back to Germany and play. I haven’t really showed what I’m capable of, being that I was banged up. I want to prove myself in the BBL.

KS: How do you prepare for the next season and what is your plan for the summer?

OT: I will be in Germany for most of the summer with my family going to amusement parks, and just having fun with them. As far as preparing for next season, a lot of jump shots, weight lifting, and pick up games to stay fit. Nothing out of the ordinary.

KS: You seem to be a likeable guy from what I was able to gather. How does that transcend to your game? Are you a floor-leader and dead-serious on the court?

OT:  Yea I see myself as a laid back kind of guy. I am likeable off the court, but on the court it is all about business. I take pride in playing both sides of the court especially defense. I am a floor leader as well. Being that I am a point guard you have to have that quality. That is what makes a point guard good.

KS: Who is your favorite player?

OT: Favorite player? Well it was T-Mac before all of the injuries.

I have always been a Jordan fan, no question about that. I like a lot of players but not really favorites…Magic, Isiah Thomas…

…and final question is: Who do you think is going to be the NBA champ this year?

OT:  Lakers/Celtics.. I’m going with the Lakers. Kobe Bryant has been unstoppable so far this series. I don’t see him slowing up… I really don’t like the Celtics anyways!

KS: Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and good luck to you for the upcoming season!