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Germany National Team coach Dirk Bauermann have announced the preliminary squad of the team for the 2010 World Championships and the names of both Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman are not amongst the 16 names.

Although Dirk Nowitzki had pledged to play in the World Championship in case Germany received a wild card (as it happened) he has yet to make up his mind. Chris Kaman on the other hand is waiting for Nowitzki to decide and will make the same decision.

Nowitzki had missed last Eurobasket in order to rest after many consecutive years of international playing in summers, something which gave the chance to some young players to shine.

The 16-men roster is:

Steffen HamannALBA Berlin
Demond GreeneFC Bayern
Heiko SchaffartzikNY Phantoms Braunschweig
Per Güntherratiopharm Ulm
Lucca StaigerALBA Berlin
Philipp SchwethelmEisbären Bremerhaven
Chad TöpperAlbuquerque Thunderbirds
Konrad WysockiTurow Zgorzelec
Robin Benzingratiopharm Ulm
Elias HarrisGonzaga University
Jan-Hendrik JaglaAsseco Prokom Gdynia
Tim OhlbrechtTelekom Baskets Bonn
Yassin IdbihiNY Phantoms Braunschweig
Tibor PleisseBrose Baskets Bamberg
Christopher McNaughtonEWE Baskets Oldenburg
Johannes StrasserTelekom Baskets Bonn
Reserve: Patrick FemerlingAntalya BSB

Germany NT will take part in two very strong summer tournaments. In the Cyprus tournament with Greece, Croatia and Russia as opponents and in the SuperCup tournament in Bamberg, Germany with Lithuania, Turkey and again Croatia.