ImageSpartak St. Petersburg new coach, Israel Zvika Sherf gave his first interview regarding his new team.

About the team's condition:

– The team at the moment is indeed in a crisis. Now we need to work hard. First thing we need to do is to change our psychology and then we can work on the physical condition of the players too. After all five lost games is not something we can recover from easily.

About possible additions to the squad:

– I will work with rhw squad I currently have. We might consider an addition after New Year but I think that we have a strong squad in any case. So squad additions are not important for me at the moment, so I will be concentrating on our ingame tactics. We will rebuild our offensive and defensive plays. We can not win either by just defending nor by just going on offense. That is my opinion.

About his prior experience with Russian basketball, when he coached Dynamo:

– My experiences with Russian basketball has been different every time, but basketball is the same everywhere. One thing is for sure, I came here to do some work.

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