Euroleague betting I

With Euroleague increasing its popularity, many people have taken interest in betting on it. We will try to explore the odds and find bargain deals for you to bet on.

Last Euroleague day of regular season, of 2010 and basically of the entire decade! This is a good thing because it will be provide the stability factor. Basically you know which teams has a real motive to win and which team doesn’t really care about the result (players of those teams tend to care about their individual stats).

First bet of night: Cibona (with a handicap of 9.5) Meaning that the Croatian club either wins or loses with less than 10 points. Don’t get me wrong, Lietuvos Rytas will win this game, because they simply have to, while Cibona is already out of the competition.

But that doesn’t mean the Croatians won’t put up a fight. Their young squad is eager to show off for some scouts who will be watching the game and for the pride of the club, this is the last Euroleague game of the season for them, if not for longer, with all the financial difficulties the club is facing. Cibona players will fight hard not to become the only team to go winless in the 1st Group stage of Euroleague.

Second bet of night: Under 147.5 points in Barcelona-Montepaschi Siena game. The result only matters to Barcelona, who will want to win and hope Fenerbahce loses at home to Cholet, so they can clinch the 2nd group spot. Montepaschi will be missing one of their main offensive weapons, Kaukenas while Barcelona has its fair share of injuries as well.

Barcelona has got one of the toughest defenses of the competition, allowing just 70 points per game, while in home games that numbers goes down to 63. On the other hand Montepaschi has got one of the best away defenses, allowing just 70 points per game (65 points per game overall, which makes them the best defensive team of the tournament).

So in defense we trust and hope that the likes of Navarro and Lavrinovic do not have a crazy scoring night.

TIP OF THE DAY: Never make combined bets. All your bets should be single ones. Sure the odds might be more attractive, but do you really want for your bets to depend on each other? If you want to increase your odds, you can increase the amount of bet to match the odds of the additional game(s).

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