The Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic estimated the debt of Cibona ton be around 16 million euro, clarifying that the city will only help the club if the current management leaves.



“I didn’t get drunk, but I can say with certainty that the debt of Cibona, when everything is summed, is 16 million euro.” said Bandic to Croatian website

“I’m for Cibona, but against this group of people who led the club into this situation. These guys have to go and have to be held responsible for this. This is why we gave this case to the state prosecutor and the police. We asked for some documents and we didn’t get them. This is where my responsibility for the nontransparent business of Cibona ends.

Some other institutions should intervene here. Me, as mayor I can say that this group of people have to leave. Not only Knego and Previsic,, but everyone. Get lost! As long as I’m mayor, this group of people, will not see any money from city budget, therefore no money for the club.”

Bandic also noted that the city of Zagreb has, over the past 10 years, given more money to Cibona than the football club Dinamo Zagreb.