NBA legend Kobe Bryant has his own show but he says that he is scrapping the traditional presenter behind a desk who gives out interviews and instead is focusing on what really matters.

Bryant’s show ‘Detail’ debuts today, April 12, exclusively on ESPN+, the new direct-to-consumer subscription streaming service in partnership with ESPN.

Detail will highlight tactical analysis on specific players and maybe even team play. Bryant will break down what they are doing, how they are doing it and what he thinks they could do better if it comes to that.

It’s a new type of show where you, the viewer will truly feel that you’re in an NBA locker room, with Kobe as your coach breaking down game film. And while Bryant never mentioned this while he conducted a global media conference call on Wednesday evening, the viewing audience looks to be centred around the junior players around the world that want to improve their game and even for aspiring coaches.

“Yeah, so no, there are no interviews, there’s no desk, there’s nothing of that sort,” Bryant said. “I want the viewer to have the experience of watching film, right? What you see on the screen is what I’m breaking down.

“There aren’t really stories that I’m fascinated with telling in terms of like Chris’ performance in a playoff with Houston, how they’re meshing together, Golden State’s health. I don’t care anything about that.

“The only thing I care about, I’m James Harden, we just played game one, what do I need to focus on and learn from game one that will help us in game two? What could we do better in game one? What do we need to look for that our opposition could counter with in game two, right? It’s that level of detail that this show is about.

“The name ‘Detail’ was pulled for a very specific reason. This is content that might not be for everyone, right? It’s really at the smallest, smallest level of basketball breakdown to try to advance in a series.”

With Bryant now entering the world of media, post-NBA, the reality of his retirement is now real. The Lakers have missed the Playoff boat again this season and you would think that the competitive fire is still burning within the Black Mamba.

But it’s not. Bryant assures us that he feels no sense to return and play the game that saw him win five NBA titles, two Finals MVP awards as well as an NBA MVP amongst many other accolades in a career spanning twenty years.

“I have this other thing that is calling me that I enjoy doing,” he explained. “I’m completely focused on that. I can watch a game, feel nothing at all. There’s no angst, there’s no, ‘Man, I want to get back out there. There’s literally zero of that’.

“Now when I watch the game, I watch it from the perspective that I’m looking at things that are happening, things that my mind can process from years and years of studying film. But now I’m just taking that information and applying it in artful way to the show Detail.

“Thank God I haven’t completely struggled watching playoffs. I’d be going crazy, dude. So fortunate enough for me, like, I’ve really been able to move on from the game.”