Sfairopoulos: “I am very proud of my players”

Photo: Contra.gr

Despite the painful loss to Fenerbahce in Euroleague’s Championship Game (80-64), which gave the Turkish club its first European title, Olympiacos’ coach congratulated his players for their effort, adding that his squad had to play four knockout games to become the champions.

“I want to congratulate our players for bringing the team to the final, as we needed to win four knockout games to be champions,” said Sfairopoulos, mentioning that he was slightly disappointed with the result.

“It’s great that the team came back to the Final Four and played in the final game,” he stated.

The Greek coach also expressed the opinion that Fenerbahce deserved to win the match and claim the trophy, adding that what happened in the third quarter determined the winner.

“When they got the lead at 10 or 11 it was easier for them,” he added.