The unveiling of the spectacular Basketball Champions League trophy might have taken place at the FIBA headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, but the hard work to create the unique work of art originated from England.

The simple, yet magnificent trophy was the work of Thomas Lyte and Radiant Studios, whose heavily skilled silversmiths created the piece of silverware in the heart of London. The well-known English craftsmen are also responsible for creating the 2015 FA Cup, RBS 6 Nations Rugby Trophy and The ATP World Tennis Champions trophy.

The trophy itself, is elegantly shaped like a basketball net which leads into a crown effect, this prize has an abstract design fused with dedicated gold elements. The crown effect excellently symbolises the champions that will eventually lift the cup on April 30.

“From first view, the trophy emulates a modern design with high impact, yet this simplicity is deceptive to the making process, with over 250 craft hours invested to create this stunning trophy,” says Chief Executive and Founder of Thomas Lyte, Kevin Baker.

“The outcome of which is a piece entirely different to anything we’ve crafted before, which surely will become one of the great sporting silverware icons.”

From first view, the trophy, which stands at 65cm high and is made from sterling silver with 24ct gold plating highlights emulates a modern design with high impact, yet this simplicity is deceptive to the making process. Over 250 craft hours have been invested to create this stunning trophy, through various processes including spinning, plating and polishing, using 8kgs of silver.

The first season of the Basketball Champions League has reached its Playoff stage after the regular season, which began in September.