ImageTeo Papaloukas, Olympiacos' prolificl point guard set a record-tier with his amazing performance tonight which saw him dishing out 14 assists. Papaloukas is one great form as some days ago he was voted MVP of Olympiacos-Panathinaikos game and MVP of the Greek A1 Round 5.

Papaloukas is now tied with Tyus Edney, who has also played for Olympiacos, at 14 assists. Amazingly Papaloukas owns the second best performance too with 13 assists, tied with Elmer Bennett, fellow Greek Nikos Zisis and Marc-Antoine Pellin. Here is the Top10 list. The story doesn;st stop here as Papaloukas has also two another two entries in the Top10, both with 12 assists, this time wearing CSKA Moscow jersey.

Here is the full list:

 Teo Papaloukas 14 Olympiacos 02/12/2009
 Tyus Edney 14 Benetton 05/02/2004
 Teo Papaloukas 13 Olympiacos 24/03/2009
 Marc-Antoine Pellin 13 Roanne 05/12/2007
 Nikos Zisis 13 AEK 02/12/2004
 Elmer Bennett 13 Caja Laboral 04/04/2001
 Terrell McIntyre 12 Siena 04/05/2008
 Teo Papaloukas 12 CSKA 05/03/2008
 Teo Papaloukas 12 CSKA 31/01/2007
 Vrbica Stefanov 12 Ulker 16/03/2006
 Lonnie Cooper 12 Pau-Orthez 22/12/2005

Wait, it is not over yet. Papaloukas also leads Euroleague all time record with 792 assists, that's 4.3 assists per game in 184 appearances.

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