Olympiacos drops second in the US

ImageOlympiacos finished their American Tour with 0/2 as they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers with 94-111 in a game that saw "Baby Shaq", Sofoklis Schortsanitis against real Shaq and youngster Kostas Papanikolaou against Lebron James.

Winner of the "Shaq Battle! was of course Shaquille O'Neal who had 12 points and 5 rebounds in 21 minutes. Schortsanitis was just 2/7 from the floor to 4 points while he also grabbed 5 rebounds.

The surprise by Giannakis was that Kostas Papanikolaou saw 25 minutes of action even getting to guard Lebron James. The 19-year old Greek small forward did surprisingly well, as he had 2/3 two-pointers and 1/1 three-pointer, to a total of 7 points. He also grabbed 3 rebounds, dished out 1 assist and had one blocked shot.

The Greek team was led by former NBAers Josh Childress and Linas Kleiza who had 16 points apiece. Yotam Halperin added 14 and Patrick Beverley another 11.

The Cavs saw 7 players with double figures in Daniel Gibson 15, Anderson Varejao 13, JJ Hickson 13, Lebron James 12, Shaquille O'Neal 12, Anthony Parker 10 and Coby Karl 10.

Olympiacos 94 – 111 Cleveland Cavaliers