ImageSpanish powerhouses Caja Laboral and Real Madrid, in a NBA way, exchanged three players between them. Pablo Prigioni (1'86, 1977) and Sergi Vidal (1'98, 1981) will play in Madrid, while Brad Oleson (1'91, 1983) signed with the team from Vitoria.

It was a secret shouted out loud. And today finally it became official. Pablo Prigioni, the desired point guard by Real Madrid, signed a 2+1 year contract with Messina's team. So Sergi Vidal did, same contract, to be the small-forward of the team, which only has the new player to play in that position.

Brad Oleson, who signed a contract with Madrid before the end of the last season, never played for that club, and instead he changed the team to go to Vitoria. He was one of the best players last season in Spain (18 ppg), and he signed a contract for the next five seasons.