British Basketball Federation chairman Nick Humby has said that he would like the relaunch of the British Basketball League to include a team from Wales.

The BBL has one-year left of its operating licence before the relaunch under the BBF umbrella in the 2017-18 season. And Humby has admitted that he would like to see a side from Wales compete in the league and adds that he would like an additional side from Scotland that could possibly add a fresh rivalry with the Glasgow Rocks.

“Our aspiration must be to have at least one club in Wales and perhaps two in Scotland,” Humby said to TalkBasket. “But we have to build the league to make it more attractive to invest in and for clubs to apply to be part of.”

The inclusion of Basketball Wales into the British Basketball Federation came after their initial rejection to join in June 2012, which prompted FIBA to threaten the Welsh with suspension from future international tournaments.

Wales eventually agreed to join England and Scotland in the merger in 2014 which was met with harsh criticism by the Welsh basketball fraternity who stated that the GB Basketball program did nothing to support the nation and that they would left in the dark.

“Basketball Wales is working hard to play its full role in the development of the strategy for basketball in Britain and is delighted that as a first step it has achieved recognition with Sport Wales for the recent governance changes made,” said Basketball Wales chairman Stephen Lloyd.

“In particular the Welsh board is working hard to grow the pool of talented young basketball players in schools and clubs.”

The Cardiff Met Archers compete in the Women’s British Basketball League with Humby looking to add a men’s side from Wales when the league is relaunched in September 2017. The WBBL have also added a team from Scotland for next season.