ImageEttore Messina was presented today at the "Honour Stage" of the Santiago Bernabeu by chairman Florentino Perez and talked about his vision of the club.

Here are some selected statements of his:

"I am the coach of Real Madrid and I hope I will be that for a long time.

 The transfers we will make is not a money issue nor to invest in big stars. I want a great team not a team of numbers. We have to be careful with the signatures, how the players play within the team, and selecting personalities over performances is as important as money.

 I am excited coaching in Spain, in general coming to work in the ACB. There is team like Real Madrid to match their history. I want to thank for the confidence and the enthusiasm the basketball department has, and i hope that with work from everyone, we can achieve what the fans want. I don't want to promise anything, but we are going to do everything possible to do well for the basketball department."