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Barcelona hosted and beat neighbouring Badalona in an ACB clash in the Palau Blaugrana on Sunday night. The home side recently qualified for the Euroleague Top 16 and despite a couple of losses later in the competition are still a formidable team especially in the Spanish domestic league.

In the Catalonian derby Badalona put it up to their larger neighbours in the first quarter taking a four point lead but quickly lost that lead ending the half ten points behind.

The visiting team shot only 24% from the field in the first half and that’s taking into account Demond Mallet and Sergi Vidal going 100% both inside and outside the arc.

For the homeside Alex Abrines and Samardo Samuels pushed the pace giving them their lead in the second quarter and maintaining it in the third quarter.

In the third and fourth quarters Badalona kept up with Barcelona but couldn’t establish a defensive rhythm to stop Barcelona and Ante Tomic long enough to do more than that and close the gap. Albert Sabat and Nacho Llovet making a few threes a piece to keep them in the game.

With Ousmane Drame fouling out and Brandon Paul striking out (2/8 from the field), there wasn’t much more La Penya could offer. The rest of the Badalona roster put forth an effort offensively but couldn’t perform on both ends of the floors, giving Tomic free reign in the paint, to such an extent that he seemed somewhat bored in his role of placing the ball in the basket. Tomic finished with 17 points and led scoring in the game.

A disappointing but respectable turnout for Badalona who have now entered a desperate slide and need Brandon Paul to emerge from a shooting slump to string together some consistent games as well as improve their team’s defence as they are giving up far too many easy baskets as is evident by their five game losing streak which they might be able to shake over the Christmas period.