The Euroleague 2010/11 season starts today in Barcelona where the draw will take place at 11:30 PM CET. TalkBasket will be covering the draw live. All you have to do is open this article and keep refreshing it after the draw has started and you will get the complete and utter groups draw.

Caja LaboralOlympiacos
Maccabi Tel AvivReal Madrid
PartizanUnicaja Malaga
Qualified BQualified A
BarcelonaCSKA Moscow
Montepaschi SienaPanathinaikos
Lietuvos RytasValencia
FenerbahceEfes Pilsen
CibonaAJ Milano
Cholet BasketUnion Olimpija

The 24 teams will be drawn into four groups of six teams. The 24 teams have all been divided into 6 pots (four teams per pot), determined by the teams’ performance in European Cups in the past three season. The seeds are the following:

Pot #Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4
1CSKA MoscowBarcelonaOlympiacosCaja Laboral
2Montepaschi SienaPanathinaikosMaccabi TAReal Madrid
3PartizanValenciaUnicaja MalagaLietuvos Rytas
4FenerbahceProkomEfes PilsenRoma
5ZalgirisCibonaAJ MilanoBamberg
6Union OlimpijaCholet BasketQualified A*Qualified B*

* Two teams will qualify from the three preliminary round. You can see all 16 teams of the qualifying rounds HERE


The restriction when drawing the teams into groups is the following:

  • 2 teams from the same country cannot coincide in the same Regular Season group, except for Spain that has five (5) teams participating in the competition.


  • Teams will be drawn one by one from an urn containing only teams in the same Seed, from the 1 Seeds through to the 6 Seeds, until all 24 teams have been selected. The last two spots will be allocated to the QR teams.
  • For each spot drawn, the urn will be emptied and refilled with only those teams from the level drawn, taking into consideration any restrictions.
  • In the Regular Season, teams from the same country may not coincide in the same group, except the case of Spain. Therefore, when drawing teams from the 2 Seeds through to the 6 Seeds, only those teams from a country different than the ones already drawn into the Group will be placed in the urn. The exception will take place with the 3 Seeds, when the fourth and fifth team from Spain are drawn.
  • e.g.1. If a spot is to be drawn into a Group where there is already a team from a specific country, the teams from the country in question will not be placed in the urn.
  • e.g.2. If a spot is to be drawn into a Group and a certain team(s) cannot be drawn in a later Group, this team(s) will be the only ones placed in the urn.
  • A team may be placed directly into a Group in order to follow the restriction mentioned above.

Drawing the teams as explained above, will allow all restrictions to be respected and will eliminate all possibilities of a blocked situation.
If after the Qualifying Rounds, a team qualified is from a country where there is already a representative in the same group, it will trade places with the other qualified team as long as this does not produce the same scenario.