Denver Nuggets center DeAndre Jordan recently recounted the tumultuous events of the 2015 NBA free agency period, where he famously backed out of a verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks and opted to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers, in an interview on Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

In the podcast, Jordan detailed the emotional rollercoaster following the Clippers’ playoff loss to the Houston Rockets. He expressed his initial resolve to leave for Dallas, citing a desire for new challenges and a change of scenery.

Jordan recalled informing teammates like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul but hesitating to break the news to Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

Reflecting on the pivotal moment, Jordan explained, “I told Mark [Cuban], Chandler [Parsons], and Dirk [Nowitzki] I was coming to Dallas, but I needed time to think and went home to Houston with my family before finalizing the move.”

However, a crucial phone call from coach Rivers during his deliberation altered Jordan’s course. “Doc called me and said, ‘We have unfinished business here,’ which struck a chord,” Jordan recounted. “I felt torn between my commitment to Dallas and the Clippers’ loyalty.”

The decision process intensified when Clippers management, including Rivers and Griffin, visited Jordan in Houston to persuade him to stay.

“Ultimately, it was a heart versus mind situation,” Jordan admitted. “My heart wanted to retire a Clipper, but my mind craved new challenges elsewhere.”

The turning point came with a candid conversation initiated by Jordan’s mother, addressing team dynamics and personal motivations.

“That conversation cleared the air,” Jordan said. “It solidified my decision to stay and reaffirmed the trust and camaraderie within our team.”

Jordan finally signed a new deal with the Clippers, a decision that sparked celebrations with teammates and management at his home. Reflecting on the aftermath, Jordan acknowledged the repercussions with the Mavericks and the lessons learned from the experience.

Interestingly, Jordan did end up with the Mavericks three years later for Luka Doncic’s debut season.