Photo: Golden State Warriors/X

Denver Nuggets center DeAndre Jordan recently praised the leadership of his former Los Angeles Clippers teammate Chris Paul, highlighting Paul’s motivational impact and unwavering commitment to team success during an interview on Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

Jordan emphasized the value of having Paul on a team, noting his relentless drive and ability to push teammates to excel.

“Man, people can say what they want about CP but I think you want CP on your team because he’s gonna fight until the buzzer goes off,” he said. “I think you got a dog like that on your team it’s great to be around because he’s gonna motivate you to be the best player you can be.”

According to Jordan, Paul’s leadership style involves challenging teammates to elevate their game and embrace accountability.

“He’s gonna challenge you which some guys don’t like to be challenged,” he elaborated. “Let’s get that out in the open some guys don’t like that shit. But Chris is a guy that’s like ‘No, I need you to be better so we can be better as a team,’ and he wants to be held accountable which is important to have, especially from your point guard.”

Reflecting on the dynamic between youth and leadership, Jordan underscored Paul’s expectations for excellence and the transformative effect it has over time.

Jordan remarked, “Their voices have to carry. But Chris, he expected a lot out of all of us and I think that people get rubbed the wrong way with that and I think when you’re young you’re kind of like ‘damn, what the f*ck.’

“I think when you get older you start to realize and understand, like that guys get to a certain point and they want to win a championship and they see these opportunities that they had when they were younger slip away, you don’t want those to slip away in a time when you have a great team around you.”

In conclusion, Jordan acknowledged the complexities of leadership and the necessity of tough love in achieving collective success in basketball. Jordan concluded, “All leaders aren’t liked and that’s the thing about being a leader.”