Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Denver Nuggets center DeAndre Jordan recently spoke highly of his former teammate Nikola Jokic, highlighting the Serbian star’s personality and impact on and off the court during an interview on Podcast P with Paul George.

Jordan recalled his initial meeting with Jokic, emphasizing the Denver big man’s down-to-earth nature and sense of humor, noting how Jokic’s genuine demeanor transcends language barriers.

Jordan said, “When I met him, Jeff Green was like ‘He’s super cool, he’s awesome but he don’t really talk that much.’ I’m like f*ck that he talking to me!…You speak English right? Cool we can rock & roll, and even if you don’t we’re gonna figure some shit out.’ Nikola is one of the funniest most underrated guys you ever met and sometimes he’s not even trying to be funny.”

According to Jordan, Jokic’s humility and family-oriented personality make him not only a great teammate but also a standout figure in the NBA.

Jordan added, “He’s super down to earth, family guy and basketball is just something he’s really really good at. He’s someone who’s super present in life…Nikola is very funny because when he wants to avoid shit, he acts like he doesn’t speak English.”

Having played alongside Jokic, Jordan attested to his selflessness and immense talent, describing him as a pivotal presence both on and off the court for the Nuggets.

Jordan emphasized, “He’s one of the greatest teammates I’ve ever had, he’s super selfless and is a monster.”