Photo: Boston Celtics/X

2024 NBA Finals MVP Jaylen Brown felt like past adversity pushed the Boston Celtics towards becoming champions (defeated the Dallas Mavericks 4-1).

(via Boston Celtics):

Bill Burt: “A year ago against Miami, you sort of lost the series that was played this way. This was a gritty, tough series. Less three-point shots and all the offensive glory. Can you talk about the difference and why you guys were built and ready for this run, as opposed to a year ago?”

Brown: “I think we learned. I think we learned from all of our mistakes. All of our adversity I think has made us stronger, made us tougher, and all season you could see it. We started from the jump. We made all the sacrifices. We played both ends of the ball at a high level. We didn’t skip any steps. And this was the result. But all of those experiences led to here. All of the moments where we came up short, we felt like we let the city down, let ourselves down… All of that compiled is how we get to this moment. And it makes it feel even that much better that we had to go through all the journey, the heartbreak, the embarrassment, the loss, to get to the mountaintop. It’s great. And shout out to all the supporters and the city of Boston.”