Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Joe Mazzulla, who took over as Boston Celtics head coach two years ago at just 33, has steered the team to its 18th NBA championship this season under his leadership.

M.L. Carr, a Celtics legend with two championships in the 1980s, lauded Mazzulla’s impact, suggesting he has already cemented himself among Boston’s coaching elite.

Speaking on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Carr expressed, “Joe Mazzulla, in this short period of time, will go down I think as one of the top three or four coaches of all time in Celtics history.”

Mazzulla’s swift rise from assistant to head coach and his ability to guide the Celtics to another championship has impressed many within the organization.

At 33, Mazzulla became one of the youngest head coaches in Celtics history, succeeding Ime Udoka and immediately making his mark.

Under Mazzulla’s guidance, the Celtics displayed resilience and tactical acumen throughout the season, culminating in their championship triumph.

Carr’s endorsement underscores the respect and admiration Mazzulla has garnered for his coaching prowess and ability to lead a storied franchise to success.