Photo: Undisputed/X

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Los Angeles Lakers after the Celtics clinched their 18th NBA championship.

The Celtics reclaimed the record for the most NBA titles by defeating the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals series.

Pierce, known for his outspoken nature, took the opportunity to mock the Lakers’ decision to raise a banner for winning the inaugural In-Season Tournament earlier in the season.

“If we win the In-Season Tournament, we’re not putting up a banner. Let the Lakers do that. We can make it into a carpet and put it in the hallway or something,” Pierce quipped.

Pierce’s remarks underscore the historic rivalry and banter between the Celtics and Lakers, two of the NBA’s most storied franchises.

The Celtics’ latest championship victory adds to their rich legacy and historical dominance in the league.

The Lakers, meanwhile, have faced scrutiny for their approach to celebrating achievements during the season.

Despite the light-hearted jab from Pierce, both franchises boast unparalleled success and passionate fan bases.