Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Former NBA player JJ Redick has made a notable financial sacrifice by accepting the head coaching role with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to recent reports.

The Lakers’ new coaching deal with Redick spans four years and is valued at approximately $32 million, signaling a significant commitment from both parties.

NBA insider Brian Windhorst revealed on his podcast, The Hoop Collective, that Redick, known for his roles at ESPN and as founder of ThreeFourTwo Productions, left substantial earnings on the table to pursue coaching.

Discussing the financial implications, Windhorst highlighted insights from industry sources who compared Redick’s potential earnings in his media ventures to those of prominent figures like Dan Hurley, the head coach of UConn basketball.

According to Windhorst’s sources, Redick’s ventures, including media engagements and partnerships, were projected to be highly lucrative, potentially surpassing annual earnings seen in collegiate coaching.

The decision to transition from media and business ventures to coaching marks a significant career shift for Redick.

Despite foregoing potentially lucrative opportunities in media and business, Redick’s move to coaching underscores his passion for the game and desire to make an impact from the sidelines.