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NBA insider Brian Windhorst shared insights on Dan Hurley’s decision to decline the Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching offer, expressing little surprise at the outcome.

Despite the Lakers’ aggressive pursuit and a lucrative six-year, $70 million contract offer, Hurley opted to remain with the UConn Huskies in the college ranks.

“I was not surprised, especially when I heard what the Lakers’ contract offer was via Woj,” Windhorst said.

While the Lakers’ offer appeared substantial, Windhorst suggests that the financial disparity may not have been as significant as perceived.

“When Woj says it wasn’t about the money, I believe that because at the end of the day here, Greeny, I’m not so sure there’s going to be that big of a money difference,” Windhorst added.

With Connecticut’s governor indicating a potential increase in Hurley’s salary, the allure of becoming the highest-paid college basketball coach likely played a role in his decision.

“Now, we know Danny Hurley makes a little over $5 million a year. Now, he got that extension last year when he won. We know that they’ve got an $8 million offer on the table, but that he didn’t sign that offer. He didn’t accept it,” Windhorst explained.

“And when you look at this Laker offer, that looks impressive, but then you hear what the governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont said yesterday is that he will make Dan Hurley the highest paid coach in college basketball.

“Well, right now that’s Bill Self. He earns about $10.5 million a year. Now, the governor of Connecticut isn’t necessarily in charge of salaries at UConn, bit you can figure that $8 million number is going up and it’s going up to around that $11 million number that the Lakers offered.”

Additionally, Windhorst underscored the challenges inherent in the Lakers’ coaching position, particularly within the competitive landscape of the Western Conference.

“The Lakers’ job is just hard, and that’s not a commentary on the Lakers, that’s a commentary on the Western Conference,” Windhorst noted. “You look at where their roster is, their mechanisms to improve, their competition both in front and behind. It’s going to be hard. So those factors are all things I think Dan Hurley was considering.”

Hurley’s reluctance to uproot his life, coupled with the demanding nature of coaching in the NBA, contributed to his ultimate choice to remain with UConn.

The Lakers, now facing the setback of Hurley’s rejection, must pivot their focus back to their coaching search.

Candidates like James Borrego and JJ Redick remain in contention for the Lakers’ coaching role, with interviews expected to proceed ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft.