Photo: Peter Baba

Isiah Thomas, the two-time NBA champion, believes that Anthony Edwards and Michael Jordan are not comparable players despite both being excellent athletes.

In an interview on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Thomas highlighted the differences between the two basketball stars. Thomas emphasized that while both players possess exceptional jumping ability, their playing styles differ significantly.

Thomas pointed out that while Edwards demonstrates spectacular finishing ability inside, Jordan initially relied heavily on his prowess in the paint.

“They’re excellent athletes in terms of jumping. But in terms of their game, their games aren’t similar to me,” Thomas said. “Edwards at his age is far better perimeter shooter, but Jordan at 22-23 age he was a far better driver getting to the basket and finishing around the rim.

“Now, Edwards has been spectacular around the rim when he gets there, but Jordan his first couple years lived in the paint. Edwards has a perimeter game that compliments his inside game.”

One notable contrast Thomas mentioned is Edwards’ tendency to trust his teammates and defer to them more frequently compared to Jordan during his early career stages. Thomas clarified that this observation is not a criticism but rather an acknowledgment of their differing approaches to team play.

“And also I would say Edwards at this age he will defer to his teammates and trust his teammates a lot more than Jordan did in his early stages. That’s not a knock on any one of them, but just because they jump high, doesn’t mean they’re the same players,” he concluded.