Photo: NBA on TNT/ Twitter

Denver Nuggets star big man Nikola Jokic secured his third MVP title in four seasons this week, joining a select group of players.

Shaquille O’Neal, while acknowledging Jokic’s talent, argued that the award should have gone to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

O’Neal even shared this opinion with Jokic during an interview with the “NBA on TNT” crew. Shannon Sharpe suggested that O’Neal’s viewpoint might be influenced by jealousy, noting O’Neal’s single MVP win during his career.

“Shaq should have five MVPs,” Sharpe said on the Nightcap podcast, via Sports Illustrated. “He sees a guy like Nikola Jokic that’s not as dominant as him, gets three (MVP awards) in four years, I think a part of Shaq is envious of that.”

Sharpe continued, suggesting that with O’Neal’s talent and work ethic, he could have scored 40,000 points in his career.

O’Neal responded on Instagram by highlighting Sharpe’s ranking as the 51st-best player in NFL history, contrasting it with his status frequently cited in the top-10 NBA players discussions.

“You took me sticking up for [Gilgeous-Alexander] as jealousy??” O’Neal wrote. “Shows how smart you are and how you say anything to get clicks. So here’s some clickbait for you. If you ain’t ranked in the top ten in your profession, then you can’t speak on me….

“u don’t kno my work ethic. but according i work less than you but im worth more than you. make it make sense. love you too. if you need help making money it’s better ways than gossiping. i’m too old for this s–t. love always, the most dominant big man ever who never took it serious… i have it, you don’t, not in my profession. and your goat debate , never wanted to be the goat i wanted to be who you should greet me as THE MOST DOMINANT EVER.”