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Atlanta Hawks head coach Quin Snyder praised Garrison Matthews’ competitiveness/shooting ability/work ethic/off-ball movement following last night’s 115-114 home loss vs. the Charlotte Hornets (10 points/3 rebounds/4 assists/zero turnovers/4-12 FG/2-9 3-PT/+14 +/-).

*Has the third best 3-point percentage in the NBA at 44.9%*

(via Atlanta Hawks):

Lauren L. Williams: “Garrison’s now officially I guess leading 3-point percentage in rankings. You talk about a guy who works, just how does it look to see a guy kind of get paid off for all of the work that he’s done?”

Snyder: “It’s great. I think one of the things: He’s such a competitor, and the way he’s been able to channel that and really maintain his focus. I think that’s huge, you miss a couple shots, obviously he wants to make every shot, and he’s making a lot of them as you said. But I think his ability to get to the next play is really important. Obviously, he knows how we feel about him shooting the ball. He’s another guy that he’s getting his shots, he’s working, he’s very regimented with his routine. But he’s doing other things that get him on the floor, it’s not enough just to make shots. He’s competing and fighting, you see him in the right place defensively and taking challenges and getting charges. One of the things that he does is he moves so well without the ball, whether it’s hand-offs, and you’re starting to see him do a couple other things. There’s been a few times that you haven’t seen him do some of those things, and it’s not like… He knows who he is. But I think he’s using his shot to be able to make plays for other people, which is really good. It’s not easy.”