Amidst a recent decline in leaguewide scoring, attributed to a strategic shift by the NBA towards evaluating defensive contact, Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown has voiced his support for the trend.

As the league emphasizes a reevaluation of the balance between offensive and defensive maneuvers, players have noticed a shift towards more physical defense, allowing for increased tactical maneuvering on the court.

In a post-game interview following a victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, Brown expressed his appreciation for the heightened physicality in NBA defenses.

“Personally I like it,” Brown said off the new trend. “But they can’t just call it like that and then give certain players touch fouls. Like, okay you don’t call the game tight and let a lot of stuff go, but if it’s a superstar player, I’m going to give him a touch foul.

“Like, keep it consistent for everybody. I feel like that’s where the balance needs to be had because that makes sense to me. If you’re going to let us play, let us play, don’t let us play and then because it’s a little bit more attention on one of the star players, I’mma call a touch foul. Make it make sense.”

With the NBA’s renewed focus on evaluating defensive tactics, teams must remain agile in their approach, leveraging both offensive creativity and defensive resilience to maintain a competitive edge.