Photo: Peter Baba

Lil Wayne experienced a sense of unwelcome treatment during Thursday night’s Los Angeles Lakers game at Arena.

Despite being in attendance for the Lakers’ overtime victory over the Wizards, he shared his discontent on his Friday morning appearance on FS1’s “Undisputed.”

According to Lil Wayne, security directed him to a different entrance when he tried to access the courtside seats near Jack Nicholson’s usual spot.

This redirected entrance required him to navigate through seated fans, prompting him to return to the original entrance, assuming it would be acceptable. However, security prevented him from doing so, leading him to decide to leave the game.

The rapper clarified that he didn’t initially plan to attend the game but was asked to be there for promotional purposes related to his NBA brand partnership.

Lil Wayne expressed his preference for a smoother entrance and highlighted that he had never encountered such issues with Lakers security before, making the incident feel unusual.

In response to speculation that the incident was linked to his critical comments about Anthony Davis on television, Lil Wayne acknowledged the raw emotions behind his tweets but maintained that they were grounded in factual opinions.

He believed there might be a connection between his outspoken views on Davis’ role in the Lakers and the perceived unwelcome treatment, suggesting a sense of being unwelcome due to his opinions on the team’s strategies and players, particularly Anthony Davis.