Photo: Washington Wizards/X

Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole says that he’s an old soul when it comes to what this new generation values the most.

(via Washington Wizards):

Reporter: “Growing up in this new generation, everything’s social media, everything’s lights, spotlight. How has it been for you to be able to stay low and still do that?”

Poole: “I have never been that way. It’s almost natural. I’m more of an old soul if that makes sense. So that goes to the new generation who wants to post everything, show that they’re in the gym, show that they’re shooting on the court after a game. It’s about the views, it’s about the clickbait, it’s about making fun of people online. That’s just what’s hot. That’s what’s new. That’s what’s trendy right now. I’ve never really been that type of guy. Always been humble, always been modest, God-fearing. So I just come in, I get my work in, great teammate, try to help my teammates get better, be a good person, and I just love to hoop. So at the end of the day, that’s going to show, my talent’s going to show, the hard work’s always going to get put in, and I’m just trying to be a good example for those who go through tough times. Everybody goes through tough times, but it makes us stronger, we grow from it, we learn from it. We’re going to look back at this in a little bit and just laugh at it, honestly.”